Bourne from a need to balance the Fashion Industries Climate Karma, the founders of The Global Supply Network wanted to create a platform that diverts good quality stock fabric and finished garments away from waste disposal.

Our Global platform serves to create a direct link between the manufacturers and buyers, creating an easy and efficient way of selecting and purchasing quality stock.

Our aim is to ensure that good quality fabrics and garments are never wasted and that the process of procuring the stock is as easy as buying the end product from the retailer.

We provide buyers with access to a global manufacturing base that allows them to purchase goods from across the world. Whether you are looking to buy 20,000 units or 20, our platform provides you direct access to the manufactures stock, so that you can buy the best products for your business.

Our manufactures in return have accesses to global buyers giving them the best possible platform to sell their stock fabrics and finished goods in a manner that is efficient, transparent and simple. We also provide the back-end stock management support so that keeping track of your stock, sales and invoices becomes simple and easy.


150 billion NEW garments are manufactured globally each year out of which 30% are never sold. Given the fact that the annual greenhouse gas emissions from textile production stands at 1.2 billion tonnes it seemed crazy to the founders of The Global Supply Network that 30% of the garments that are made are never even sold not to mention the amount of fabric that goes unused each year. To put it into context the amount of green-house gasses produced annually from the manufacture of textiles is more than all of the International flights and maritime shipping combined according to a report by “Sharecloth” in 2018.

There is an excess of both NEW and UNUSED fabric and finished goods within the global fashion supply chain. This creates a huge opportunity for us all across the globe within the fashion industry to make efforts to re-use, re-cycle or re-purpose existing fabrics and stock garments to jointly help reduce the impact on the climate of creating “new fashion”.


The Global Supply Network is a comprehensive stock management tool connecting Manufacturers and Buyers.

It makes the processes of buying and selling easier and more efficient for both the retail buyer and the manufacturer

Provide access to quality stock fabric and finished goods from reputable manufacturers across the world
Buyers can search/browse and view products in a simple and easy, user friendly format
Have real time visibility of product specific information such as stock availability, size ratios, fabric composition and price…saving you time and helping you make decisions faster
Connect to the manufactures to request more information, samples or proceed to place and manage the orders
Our online platform helps both buyers and manufactures organise their stock purchases in one comprehensive online tool
Optional back end support to track order status, manage quality checks and auto generate invoices


Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets across several email chains. The Global Supply Network helps both buyers and manufacturers organise their stock purchases and sales in one comprehensive online tool.